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The exhibition "Der junge Schinkel 1800-1803" focuses upon the dairy, which, according to Schinkel himself was his most important and singular early project. Other remains of Schinkel's early work may be found in Neuhardenberg. The exhibition explores the developments and conditions of Schinkels work: the draining of the Oderbruch area; the agrarian revolution in general; the influences of Schinkel's teachers David and Friedrich Gilly, model manors and contemporary examples of aristocratic and royal manorial sites in Berlin and Potsdam. The essays in the exhibition catalogue examine Schinkel’s early work, marked by the death of his mentor Friedrich Gilly in 1800, and Schinkel’s departure to Italy and France in May 1803.

The exhibition catalogue "Der junge Schinkel 1800 bis 1803", Eds. Frank Augustin, Goerd Peschken, Berlin/Munich 2006, is sold at 29,90 EUR in the exhibition, and at 34,90 EUR in bookshops. The catalogue is available only in German.

Plakat Ausstellung Schinkel