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Steps Toward the Realisation of the Project The principal aim of the project is the opening of a museum in the dairy building, roughly twenty years after German unification. This requires three main steps to be taken:

1) Clearing of the dairy building through property exchange, construction of a replacement building, and securing of the northern fragment of the former stables. Securing every individual step through legal contracts.

2) Remodeling of the northern wing to its original form; construction of a museum within the entire dairy. This includes use of the salon on the ground floor including the preserved cupboard designed by Schinkel, as well as the central salon on the first floor in its entirety.

3) Recreation of the former Vorwerk, firstly by removing later buildings destroying the ensemble, secondly by recreating the former pleasure ground i.e. restoring the ornamented farm according to a caretaking plan (tbc).

Site plan of the transformation
Site plan of the transformation: construction of a new building between fragments of the former stable partially compensates for war damage/loss.